After the storm, better times ahead for cooperatives in Peru

Pedro Rodriguez 13 November 2017

Heavily impacted by the torrential rains and landslides that devastated several regions of Peru in March 2017, agricultural cooperatives PURIFOR, COAVAF, Huarmey, and CEPROVASC have gradually recuperated their plots of productive land in recent months. The emergency fund set up by SOCODEVI and its Foundation has been an important lever for resuming activities after the natural disaster.

For PURIFOR and COAVAF, organizations that specialize in fruit production in the Ancash region, more than 60% of family farm plots were damaged by torrential rains and floods. Support from the emergency fund was used to replace the destroyed plants and to acquire essential inputs for restarting activities in the fields.

In the same region, the asparagus-producing families of the Huarmey cooperative suffered flooding from the river of the same name. In their case, the impact on the fields was even more dramatic: total loss of production. Once again, SOCODEVI and its Foundation’s financial support was used to recuperate the most affected plots, to buy seedlings and inputs while redoubling efforts in terms of technical assistance provided by our team of agronomists.

In the La Libertad region, the CEPROVASC cooperative members’ pineapple, avocado, and passion fruit plantations were ravaged. In this case, the development of temporary production plots was one of the measures put in place to facilitate the resumption of agricultural activities.

For Mario Boivin, the representative of SOCODEVI in Peru and director of the PRODIVCOM project, the resilience of the member families was significant in recovery activities. “Producers have been very courageous because the situation in these regions were simply catastrophic. These people have faced adversity and worked together to overcome it. Today, production volumes are growing, and cooperatives have even recently participated in agri-food exhibitions on the national and international levels. It’s remarkable!”

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