After the storm, better times ahead for cooperatives in Peru

Pedro Rodriguez 13 November 2017

Heavily impacted by the torrential rains and landslides that devastated several regions of Peru in March 2017, agricultural cooperatives PURIFOR, COAVAF, Huarmey, and CEPROVASC have gradually recuperated their plots of productive land in recent months. The emergency fund set up by SOCODEVI and its Foundation has been an important lever for resuming activities after the natural disaster.

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Réjean Lantagne returns to Canada

Pedro Rodriguez 12 September 2017

After completing a four-year assignment to Peru directing the PRODIVCOM project, Réjean Lantagne, former SOCODEVI Executive Director, has returned home to Canada. Réjean, because of his vast experience in international development and his solid understanding of the world of cooperatives, has contributed in a significant way to advancing the efforts we have been undertaking with 25 organizations and their member families across Peru.

SOCODEVI and its network of cooperatives and mutuals offer a heartfelt thanks to Réjean Lantagne for his inestimable contribution all throughout his tenure since 1985 with our organization

The SOCODEVI Foundation provides $50,000 in disaster relief to Peru

Pedro Rodriguez 25 April 2017

An emergency fund of $50,000 has been set up by the SOCODEVI Foundation to support four Peruvian agricultural cooperatives seriously affected by torrential rain that recently devastated several communities in that country.

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International Seminar on Cooperatives

Pedro Rodriguez 19 September 2016

Séminaire international coopératif au Pérou
SOCODEVI president, Cécile B. Pichette from the Citadelle cooperative, will be a speaker at an international seminar in Peru dealing with success stories of cooperatives in the area of product marketing and agricultural finance.

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Tree of Intercooperation: 86,000 trees planted in Québec, Guatemala and Peru

Pedro Rodriguez 17 November 2015

Arbre de l'Intercoopération SOCODEVI
Since 2009, SOCODEVI and its member institutions have been offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions through the Tree of Intercooperation project. This is a success story that has led to the planting of 86,000 trees in Canada and Latin America when 2015 figures are taken into account.

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New project to support in Peru

Pedro Rodriguez 28 May 2014

Become part of another success story by helping Peruvian families increase their incomes. The SOCODEVI Foundation is appealing to your generosity to help 137 cocoa smallholder families set up installations for processing and warehousing their harvests.

All the funds collected will be used for a post-harvest facility that will include a warehouse, a fermenting area and drying patio. Your donation will help these families improve the quality of the cocoa that is harvested and earn a better price when selling their product.

Every bit helps. Would you like to contribute? Visit SOCODEVI Foundation website: http://dons.fondationsocodevi.org

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