Keurig entrusts SOCODEVI with a new mandate in Colombia

Pedro Rodriguez 1 February 2018

SOCODEVI will continue to support 500 coffee producers in Colombia by consolidating the application of best agricultural practices and access to markets under a new mandate conferred by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig).

The producers targeted by this new initiative are indigenous members of the Embera Chami community, living on the San Lorenzo Reserve, located within the territory of the Alto Occidente cooperative (Caldas Department, Colombia). This region is part of the “Eje Cafetero” (the Colombian coffee growing axis), an area recognized for the very high-quality coffee that is produced there. The co-op has had a partnership for several years with Keurig, an alliance behind Timothy’s Colombian La Vereda, a coffee marketed in Canada.

SOCODEVI will work with producer families to consolidate environmentally friendly production techniques and improve plantation yields and access to markets. Our efforts will focus, for example, on technical training for quality control, the installation of a rural taste testing laboratory, and the establishment of an intergenerational leadership succession program to increase the active participation of the community’s women and youth in the coffee sector.

Thanks to financing from Keurig Green Mountain, SOCODEVI’s support for the Alto Occidente cooperative and for the San Lorenzo Reserve will continue until March 2019.

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