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Pedro Rodriguez 12 September 2017

At SOCODEVI, the 2016-2017 period was marked by several major achievements, impressive progress, a range of stimulating projects, a motivated and engaged team and solutions adapted to fit needs. It is now clear that SOCODEVI has reached all targets set in the 2014-2017 strategic plan, resulting in sound finances for our organization and allowing us to fulfill our mission.

SOCODEVI President Cécile Pichette, and Executive Director Richard Lacasse released an inspiring and promising report at SOCODEVI’s 32nd annual meeting. It described achievements that have improved living conditions for many families, built capacity and empowerment, and supported the development of profitable cooperative enterprises responding to member needs.

Contributions from SOCODEVI’s cooperatives and mutuals were important in achieving these results, most notably through the 45 technical assistance missions by specialists from our member institutions providing quality expertise and knowledge.

New major projects in Bolivia and Honduras
Thanks to financial assistance from the Government of Canada, two vast development initiatives led by SOCODEVI have been launched in Bolivia and Honduras. PROMAVI (a multi-sector program to improve living conditions in rural areas) will provide aid to thousands of families in some fifteen Bolivian municipalities. Targeting mainly women and children, this program is being implemented in partnership with the Centre for International Cooperation in Health and Development (CCISD).

In Honduras, our experience in the forestry value chain will provide leverage for the CAHOVA project, an initiative based on adding value to agroforestry production in five of that country’s departments, providing direct support to more than 3400 families who are members of 42 cooperative and associative organizations. Improvements to production techniques, management capacity, market access and competitiveness are all part of the project strategies.

Tangible results in Colombia, Mali and Ukraine

  • Development in 25 cooperative and associative enterprises in Colombia is moving forward rapidly thanks to support from PROCOMPITE, a SOCODEVI-led initiative financed by the Government of Canada. This project will impact several value chains, such as coffee, cocoa, pepper and dairy products. It has provided assistance for implementing business plans and developing new production and processing techniques in particular and it has led to an increase in the number of women within decision-making circles. More than 3000 families have been helped through our training programs.
  • In Mali, 32,000 women and men farmers in 16 different cooperatives are enjoying the benefits of new infrastructure developments for storing, preserving, conditioning and processing their crop yields. Significant investments have been made through the Feere Diyara project to consolidate the economic services provided by cooperatives and improve the quality of agricultural crops and, as a result, raise the incomes of the families involved. This initiative was carried out by the Alliance agricole internationale under the leadership of SOCODEVI and with financial support from the Government of Canada.
  • In Ukraine, SOCODEVI undertook a historic investment to build a grain elevator for storage and processing. Thanks to this installation, women and men producers can add value to their harvests and market the grain at a fair price.

The SOCODEVI Foundation and the Tree of Intercooperation
In 2016-2017, the SOCODEVI Foundation provided financial assistance to 16 new projects in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Vietnam. Notably, it delivered rapid assistance with emergency funding of CAN $50,000 to Peruvian cooperatives hit hard by torrential rain in March.

We have also topped the 100,000 mark for the number of trees planted through the Tree of Intercooperation program, our carbon compensation effort. This initiative is overseen by the SOCODEVI Foundation thanks to contributions from several forestry cooperatives in Canada and overseas.

For more detail on our achievements, download the SOCODEVI annual report from our website at:

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