Sophie Bédard and Luc Chassé receive SOCODEVI Intercooperation Award

Pedro Rodriguez 12 September 2017

Sophie Bédard, a member of the Coop fédérée, and Luc Chassé were awarded the SOCODEVI Intercooperation Award at the organization’s annual meeting.

Pork producer Sophie Bédard has made several development missions to support pork producers in Bolivia. Her particular expertise made it possible to set up a production complex that is the only one of its kind in the Department of Chuquisaca. This initiative now delivers access to quality meat for families in the region to improve their nutrition. She is truly committed to cooperative service!

Dairy farmer Luc Chassé has taken part in a dozen missions to Ukraine. He provided valuable advice for activities aimed at improving dairy herd genetics, introducing Jersey cows and setting up an effective artificial insemination system.

The SOCODEVI Intercooperation Award is presented to women and men members, directors or employees of SOCODEVI member cooperatives and mutuals to acknowledge their exceptional contributions to fulfilling our mission and for their commitment while working on our projects

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