Ambulance donated to Mali, a highly appreciated contribution!

Pedro Rodriguez 22 April 2014

Ambulance Fondation SOCODEVI Mali
In 2009, the generosity of the men and women who took part in the SSQ Quebec City Marathon Lévis/Québec, along with a valuable contribution from the SSQ Financial Group, allowed the SOCODEVI Foundation to collect more than $90,000 to purchase an ambulance that was delivered to the Sikasso regional health centre in Mali.

From the moment it went into operation on Sikasso roads, the ambulance was highly appreciated by authorities in the region and the population at large. Since 2009, more than 1500 patients including 375 children under 5 years of age have used the ambulance service.

“It is now obvious there was a need for an ambulance in Sikasso. Plus, it is able to operate outside our own district and on several occasions has been used to save lives in Bamako,” stated Dr. Issa Guindo, Chief Physician, Sikasso Health Centre.

This SOCODEVI Foundation initiative also relied on support from the SSQ Foundation, the Témiscouata paramedics cooperative and the SOCODEVI team in Mali.

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