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New project in Guatemala: women and youth at the heart of sustainable economic growth

Pedro Rodriguez 30 April 2019

A key partner country in the SOCODEVI story, Guatemala is the most populated nation in Central America but also the one with the highest rates of poverty, especially in rural areas. In some regions, 80% of the population lives in poverty despite significant economic potential. Furthermore, the exclusion of women and their confinement to informal sectors of the economy only makes the situation worse.

Over the next five years, SOCODEVI will lend its experience and expertise to improve the living conditions of thousands of people in the Alta Verapaz region, the most disadvantaged in the country. This work is part of CRECER, a new project supported financially by the Government of Canada.

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Inclusive economic development and improved health services to benefit women and girls in Bolivia

Pedro Rodriguez 16 October 2018

SOCODEVI and the Centre for International Cooperation in Health and Development (CCISD) have joined forces to improve the living conditions for Bolivian families, particularly women and girls, as part of PROMAVI, a new initiative supported by the Government of Canada.

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From Tomina to Barcelona, bolivian oregano is gaining around

Pedro Rodriguez 13 November 2017

These days, a sense of pride pervades the 2,400 oregano producing families in Bolivia. For the first time ever, the fruits of their labour on their plots of land are travelling across the Atlantic. UNEC, their packaging and marketing company, has so far exported 45 tonnes of oregano to Spain.

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A cooperative store opens its doors in Bolivia thanks to Promutuel Assurance

Pedro Rodriguez 26 May 2015

Magasin coop Padilla Promutuel
The member families of the Padilla agricultural cooperative in Bolivia have seen their dream come true. With financial support from Promutuel Assurance, we have set up a cooperative store with a food section, a section for school supplies for children and a section for agricultural inputs.

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Our Bolivian partner, UNEC, at BIOFACH 2015

Pedro Rodriguez 19 March 2015


SOCODEVI partner, UNEC, the Bolivian cooperative enterprise specializing in spices, attended this year’s BIOFACH trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

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