Commitment from our cooperative and mutual network: great achievements, tangible results

Pedro Rodriguez 30 January 2019

Several technical and organizational support missions were carried out by SOCODEVI member institutions during 2018. From the Ukraine to Honduras, and from Colombia to Vietnam, the expertise in our network allows us to reach one of our priority objectives in ensuring the longevity of the results that emanate from our actions: capacity building for families and their cooperative enterprises.

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Keurig entrusts SOCODEVI with a new mandate in Colombia

Pedro Rodriguez 1 February 2018

SOCODEVI will continue to support 500 coffee producers in Colombia by consolidating the application of best agricultural practices and access to markets under a new mandate conferred by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig).

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SOCODEVI president receives award from the maple industry

Cécile B. Pichette
Pedro Rodriguez 1 February 2018

Cécile B. Pichette, president of SOCODEVI and a renowned maple producer, received a special award from the North American Maple Syrup Council (NAMSC) recognizing the many years of hard work that she has dedicated to the maple industry.

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SOCODEVI speakers at FYCA 2017 in Colombia

Pedro Rodriguez 13 November 2017

A delegation from SOCODEVI and La Coop fédérée participated in “FYCA 2017”, the International Congress on Agri-food Marketing and Financing, held last October in Cartagena, Colombia. Supported by Colombia’s Bolsa Mercantil, the Colombian Farmers Society, Développement International Desjardins and the Canadian Embassy in Colombia, the event brought together more than 200 representatives and specialists from organizations working mainly in agricultural development, financing, and marketing.

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Keurig Canada contributes to SOCODEVI action in Colombia

Pedro Rodriguez 15 December 2016

Did you know that our project to strengthen the competitiveness of cooperative enterprises in Colombia (PROCOMPITE) relies on contributions from Keurig Canada to provide assistance to men and women coffee farmers in Colombia?

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