HuarmeyCoop: the road to success in Peru, in six questions

Pedro Rodriguez 30 April 2019

An interview with Régis Goulet, Development Advisor at SOCODEVI

HuarmeyCoop: What’s the story behind the name?

Régis Goulet: “HuarmeyCoop is a cooperative located in the Huarmey-Culebras valley, a coastal area in the Ancash region of Peru. It’s an agricultural zone with a rich diversity of products grown in sandy soil. One such product is the asparagus produced by the member families of the cooperative, which is an organization supported by SOCODEVI. Today, HuarmeyCoop is gradually becoming a model agricultural cooperative for the whole country.”

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Inauguration of a dairy processing plant in Peru

Pedro Rodriguez 16 October 2018

More than 200 producers operating very small dairy farms can now rely on facilities and equipment to process their production. A new dairy processing plant has been established in Peru with support from SOCODEVI and financial assistance from the Canadian government.

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1,000 peruvian families export organic quinoa thanks to their cooperative

Pedro Rodriguez 1 February 2018

Special collaboration: Laura Torres Flores, PRODVICOM Communications Coordinator, and Anthony Caballero, PRODIVCOM Project Marketing Advisor

In Peru, all eyes are on the quinoa producers who are members of Markahuamachuco (ECOMARKA) and Grano Andino cooperatives, organizations located in the region of La Libertad. For a second year in a row, the 1,000-member families have managed to market and export organic quinoa at the best possible price!

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After the storm, better times ahead for cooperatives in Peru

Pedro Rodriguez 13 November 2017

Heavily impacted by the torrential rains and landslides that devastated several regions of Peru in March 2017, agricultural cooperatives PURIFOR, COAVAF, Huarmey, and CEPROVASC have gradually recuperated their plots of productive land in recent months. The emergency fund set up by SOCODEVI and its Foundation has been an important lever for resuming activities after the natural disaster.

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Réjean Lantagne returns to Canada

Pedro Rodriguez 12 September 2017

After completing a four-year assignment to Peru directing the PRODIVCOM project, Réjean Lantagne, former SOCODEVI Executive Director, has returned home to Canada. Réjean, because of his vast experience in international development and his solid understanding of the world of cooperatives, has contributed in a significant way to advancing the efforts we have been undertaking with 25 organizations and their member families across Peru.

SOCODEVI and its network of cooperatives and mutuals offer a heartfelt thanks to Réjean Lantagne for his inestimable contribution all throughout his tenure since 1985 with our organization

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