Comax and Dynaco cooperatives welcome a Ukrainian delegation

Pedro Rodriguez 26 March 2018

Under the framework of our support for Ukrainian grain storage and marketing cooperatives, agricultural cooperatives Comax and Dynaco welcomed representatives from the Zernovyi and Zerno-BUNK cooperatives and partner organizations. The purpose of their visit was to learn more about innovative methods and technologies for drying grain that use less energy.

The Ukrainian partners attended specialized training sessions concerning new drying technology that minimizes energy consumption. At Coop Comax, the visiting delegation had the opportunity to meet with the specialists who had taken part in the technical assistance missions to Ukraine in order to review the recommendations that were formulated and the progress accomplished to date.

Starting in 2013, SOCODEVI, in collaboration with Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (former CCA, the Canadian Cooperative Association) and with IRECUS, (the University of Sherbrooke Institute for research and education related to cooperatives), has supported the development of grain storage and marketing cooperatives in Ukraine. This initiative receives financial support from the Government of Canada.

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