Inauguration of a dairy processing plant in Peru

Pedro Rodriguez 16 October 2018

More than 200 producers operating very small dairy farms can now rely on facilities and equipment to process their production. A new dairy processing plant has been established in Peru with support from SOCODEVI and financial assistance from the Canadian government.

The new facility was built and made operational as part of SOCODEVI’s Diversification and Competitiveness Project for associative enterprises (PRODIVCOM) for the benefit of the producer-member families in the Querohuambos agricultural cooperative in the Cajamarca department.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the new processing plant will help strengthen the cooperative’s business activities and improve producers’ incomes. The facility has a capacity of 12,000 litres of milk per day and, thanks to its pasteurization system, will allow the cooperative to access national markets.

Training program to support the next generation
To support this investment, a training program specifically targeting young members of the cooperative is being carried out by SOCODEVI to improve technical and managerial skills. The program to support the next generation is funded by La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services through the SOCODEVI Foundation.

“Before, I would have left my community and moved to the city. Now, it’s a dream to be able to work right here, in my cooperative, it’s a great experience!”

ELVIS BRAVO BAUTISTA, young worker at the Querohuambos agricultural cooperative in Peru

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