Ongoing support to cocoa and coffee chains in Liberia

Pedro Rodriguez 25 April 2017

With support from the World Bank and the Government of Liberia, SOCODEVI is continuing to improve access to inputs, improve cooperative structures and optimize crop marketing for 3000 women and men cocoa and coffee growers.

Extending this contract begun in 2014 will lead to improved production capacity and plantations and prepare for future development of this production chain in collaboration with the team from the Ministry of Agriculture of Liberia.

The active participation of women (more than 500 farmers are supported by this project) and the promotion of climate-smart agriculture are part of the action plan. Technical assistance for the plantations includes the utilization of optimized cocoa seeds, revitalization of plantations and targeted investments for storage and processing.

Concerted efforts with the 16 supported cooperatives are already showing results, especially among producer families in the cocoa sector where it has led to significant increase in their crop yields.

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