SOCODEVI’s 30th Anniversary: Inter-cooperation is at the heart of the celebrations

Pedro Rodriguez 15 September 2015

Celebrating three decades of existence is a significant moment for any organization. SOCODEVI and its cooperative and mutual network was able to experience this happy chapter in its history this past June during a celebration filled with solidarity, involvement and success stories.

SOCODEVI’s anniversary date brought together 200 people, all loyal collaborators and cooperators who came from all over to celebrate the true essence of our organization: inter-cooperation. “Sharing experiences and know-how was – and which is still true 30 years later – the central idea of the SOCODEVI founders. It was necessary to have a tool with which we could share with the world the expertise of the Quebec cooperative and mutual movement, and to contribute to the fight against poverty. An ambitious dream, but what a great idea!” recalled SOCODEVI President, Ghislain Cloutier.

After 400 completed projects, SOCODEVI is proud to have contributed to improving the economic and associative performance of 700 cooperative organizations and enterprises in 40 countries. To arrive at this, the commitment from our member institutions was a crucial ingredient: 650 technical assistance missions were completed by men and women from our network, an exceptional contribution!

“In all our projects, we offer our partners the necessary expertise and quality tools so that they can take over, manage and guide their own development. Our ultimate goal is the same as it was in 1985: significantly improve the incomes and living conditions for families,” stated Richard Lacasse, SOCODEVI Executive Director.

Tribute to visionaries and prominent “Socodevians”
SOCODEVI’s 30th anniversary event was also an opportunity to hand out the “SOCODEVI Inter-cooperation Award” for the very first time. From now on, this new level of recognition will be given to members, managers or employees of cooperatives and mutuals affiliated with SOCODEVI, as well as to personalities for their contribution in carrying out our mission and for their commitment to our projects.

SOCODEVI therefore highlighted the exceptional contributions from:

  • René Arès, Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers’ Cooperative
  • Gilles Cardinal, La Coop fédérée
  • Jacques Côté, Confédération québécoise des coopératives d’habitation
  • Yves Demers, SSQ Financial Group
  • André Gauthier, Agropur dairy cooperative
  • André Lamothe, former President & Founder of SOCODEVI, and Fondation SOCODEVI
  • Alain Leclerc, Fédération des coopératives funéraires du Québec

A new brochure with success stories
Entitled “30 years building a better world”, a new compilation of successful projects is available online to download from our website at It’s a must-read!

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