SOCODEVI’s new gender equality policy

Pedro Rodriguez 16 October 2018

SOCODEVI is proud to announce the launch of its new Gender Equality Policy, the fruit of a broad process of reflection inspired by the Government of Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy unveiled in 2017.

The new policy is rooted in action: clear principles to guide all of our decisions and winning strategies to improve our practices in concrete ways. Women’s empowerment is a fundamental action for achieving equality and for sustainable development. The power to be able to choose women, to ensure their full participation in decision-making as well as their access and control over resources, must be embodied in all spheres of society: within the family, among local authorities, in community organizations and in producer associations, all the way up to the highest levels of decision-making.

SOCODEVI is aiming to achieve significant results in changing behaviours, practices and well-being for the women and men in supported communities and, ultimately, making an improved contribution to gender equality.

A clear commitment and a specialized team
Working towards gender equality is everyone’s business. In the coming months, SOCODEVI will therefore work on an institutional action plan for gender equality to specify the objectives and targets to be achieved.

This being said, SOCODEVI also relies on a team of gender equality specialists both at its head office in Canada and out in the field. These are important assets to guide the deployment of these commitments which continue our actions on gender equality that have taken place for over 25 years.

To find out more about SOCODEVI’s new Gender Equality Policy, click here

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